Shops and traders

A restored Turner's steamroller at the Hillingdon Show (Middlesex) in 1989

Bradworthy, being a self-contained rural village, has a wide range of shops and businesses.

According to the notes of Gwennyth Cheese...
Conveyance. A horse drawn van to Bideford at a charge of 1/- journeying 4 hours with a full load. A donkey in front in chains, and a horse in shafts.

Mrs. E.A. Wickett's house (now known as Wistaria) used to be a butchers shop kept by a man called Martin, who also had a monkey called Jacko.

The hotel at Bradworthy is owned by Mr. C. Wade who also used to be our local coal merchant before Mr. J.M. Bromell bought the business.

List of shops in Bradworthy circa 1950

Mr. A. Perkins; Greengrocer
Mr. D. Jennings; Carpenter
Mr. W.L. Wickett; Grocer and Draper
Mr. A.F. Balsdon & Sons; Grocer
Mr. H.J. Wickett; Engineer
Mr. C.H. Cory; Butcher
Mr. J.L. Martin; Ironmonger
Mr. J. Jennings; Bicycle Repairer
Mr. W. Slade; Cobbler
Mr. E. Wade; Furnishing Dept.
Mr. Hartill; Wrought Ironworker
Mr. S. Bond; Post Office
Mr. J. Bromell & Sons; Engineer
Mr. W. Bromell; Draper
Mr. S. Jennings; Carpenter & Painter

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