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As with many villages, sport has played a vital part in rural life over the last century, although it was restricted in the early years by work and travel facilities.

Bradworthy, 'The Horniwinks', has gained a reputation for tenacity and determination which is retained whatever sport is involved.

Cricket team

Cricket team outing in 1922 outside the Inn

Rev. A.E. Dobson (standing), John Grant (landlord of the Bradworthy Inn), the Walter family (of Churston Manor), Douglas and Norman Betts, Rev. C.D. Jenkins, Miss Mullins (housekeeper at Churston Manor), Arthur Oke (driver)

As far back as the early 1800's James Thorn, a visiting preacher, reported that his religious meeting was disrupted by a group of 'hurlers'. Hurling, an old rugby type sport with Cornish origins was apparently played in a field in the north of the village, opposite Tuckers Park.

With the opening of the Men's Memorial Institute in 1923 facilities were provided for snooker or billiards, skittles, darts and, later, table tennis. Such was the interest that Joe Davis, 15 times World Snooker Champion, visited the Institute in the 1930's to demonstrate his skills. In more recent times Terry Griffiths from Wales, who was World Snooker Champion in 1979, played a group of local players in the Memorial Hall.

Fred Dymond

Fred Dymond took part in the Lands End Trial in the 1930's

With the demise of the Men's Memorial Institute the snooker table was stored before being reassembled in the old stables adjoining the Bradworthy Inn. For many years three teams competed with some success in the Bude and District League, winning both the league and Fred Mortimer Cup. Pool has however become more popular in the 1990's, and now teams compete from both the Social Club and Bradworthy Inn.

Bradworthy was again represented in the Lands End Trial, motorcycles being ridden by the brothers Stanley R. and Wilfred E. Jennings. (April 1954)

At one time 'Wade's Room' also operated as a snooker room and refuge for veteran players. Youngsters were occasionally invited to 'make up a four' but were advised at all times to play safe!

Robert Morley, the actor-gourmet, on a visit to the area remarked that he will always remember two old men 'determined to pot the pink on the most dilapidated table he had ever seen'.

Skittles was keenly played and inter-village competitions were a regular feature before the last war; the numerous trophies won are now on display in the Social Club. After a lapse of many years these are now being played for again. As many as five teams regularly compete in both the Holsworthy and Bude leagues, and regular skittles tournaments are held throughout the year.

Darts, a traditional pub sport, still remains a serious social pastime for both men's and women's teams.

dragster in 1965

Local lads built this dragster in 1965

Dave Johnson, Malcolm Wright, Keith Prance, Alan Balsdon, Colin Dayman, Ray Vanstone (in car), Mr. H. Wright

Evidence exists from an early Church magazine that cricket was played at the end of the last century and was revived between the Wars, but it has never re-established itself, probably due to a lack of suitable facilities. A group of enthusiasts have recently played for a number of years at Crooklets, Bude in a Summer Evening league.

A tennis club was formed in 1963 which flourished briefly. The club used the school playground, until the court was requisitioned for the building of new classrooms.

Berridon Country Club at one time in the 1970's held promise of sporting facilities, with swimming pool, golf driving range, tennis and squash courts. The whole complex fell into disrepair when the owning company was liquidated. Plans for an 18-hole golf course were approved but remain on the drawing board.

Speedway Rider's Trophies
Mr. Arthur Oke, jun., is to be congratulated on his brilliant achievements as a motorcyclist and speedway rider in the Middle East. During his two years in Egypt, with GHQ, Royal Corps of Signals, Arthur became a celebrated figure on the sand tracks of Cairo and Alexandria carrying off many coveted prizes. Now demobbed, he has returned to Bradworthy with the tangible evidence of his many successes - silver cups and other trophies to the number of twenty. (May 1947)

Fishing is available at both Tamar Lakes, at numerous venues where farmers have stocked their own lakes with carp, tench and roach, as well as on the two famous Devon rivers that border the parish - the Torridge and the Tamar.

School football

In the late 1990's Bradworthy School had quite a successful football team

Sailing takes place on the Upper Tamar Lake, where a thriving sailing club has become a veritable weekend attraction.

Before the 1939-45 War, Jack Wickett and Fred Dymond took part in the Lands End Trial.

In 1970 Keith Prance competed in his first Lands End Trial in a vehicle that he had built himself - and promptly won in his class!

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