Water, drainage and sewerage

There were several public wells in Bradworthy.

Prior to 1895 St. Peter's Well was open with clay sides, then it was dug to a depth of six feet, walled and fitted with a galvanised door. Water was drawn by hand until 1909 when a pump was fitted.

The sinking of the well at the south end of the Square is now in progress. The inadequate supply of drinking water in the village has long been the subject of much controversy. Although there are three public wells here, a shortage often occurs in the summer time, and this new undertaking by the Parish Council should be a great boon to the villagers. (June 1937)

In 1897 the pump-house was built and the well cleaned out to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The gate was fitted in 1901.

Witheridge's Well was a very old well that was dug deeper in 1905. People had to descend three steps and dipped up water. A door covered the well. A pump was fitted in 1935.

North Devon Water Board took over responsibility for the supply of water in 1950. Bradworthy was connected to the national grid network in 1959. Prior to this water was either pumped from wells or supplied from a 72,000 gallon tank on the western side of the moor which was erected in 1946.

At a Parish Council meeting the work of sinking the new well at the south end of the Square, was again referred to. The men carrying out the work have now reached a depth of thirty feet but there is apparently very little water coming up to the present. It is believed, however, that sufficient water will be found, if the well is carried still deeper. (September 1937)

In 1970 the North Devon Water Board planned to close down the two water pumps on the Square because of the poor quality of the water. The Parish Council objected, claiming that three or four old age pensioners still relied on the pumps for drinking water. The Water Board agreed to hand over the pumps to the Council for a nominal fee of 1s.

Developments in the water supply scheme for the village were reviewed. Work in connection with the Water Supply Scheme is progressing in the Waldon valley, and the contract is to entail the provision of a reservoir of 72,000 gallon capacity, sited on the western side of Bradworthy Commons. (July 1946)

In 1970 Bradworthy's sewage treatment works was brought up to the standard of effluent discharge for 570 people, as laid down by the Royal Commission. Later new and larger tanks and filters were added. In 1974 it was estimated that 40% of the properties in the parish were connected to the public sewerage system. In 1989 a storm tank was installed.

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