Village policemen

The original Police House stood in North Road and was owned by Mr. Abraham Tribble. This was replaced in 1936 by the large house on the corner at Littleford Cross.

Bradworthy had its own local constable until 1970 when the responsibility for law enforcement was transferred to Holsworthy.

No Nudist Colony at Bradworthy
From what I know, from many enquiries, neither in Bradworthy nor in any of the adjoining parishes is there (nor has there ever been) a nudist camp, and I want to get that fact 'home' to readers who may have seen a statement in which Police Inspector Cobbledick is reported to have said that he believed there was a nudist colony at Bradworthy.

The statement was made, according to the report, at Stratton police court when a summons against a Bude newsagent was dismissed. The question was asked: 'Do you know of the existence of a nudist camp near Bude?' To this Inspector Cobbledick replied: 'I have been told there is one on the Devon side, I believe at Bradworthy, but I am not sure'.

Bradworthians were rather indignant when they read this report. They are aware that nudism is a recognised movement in this country. At the same time they hold that such a statement as the above made in such circumstances as it was, may create a distorted impression with regard to a rural village. (May 1938)

Bradworthy's local constables were
PC Patt
PC Chapple
PC Fater
PC Norman
PC Hannaford
PC French
PC Mugridge (1929-1936)
PC Horwood (1936-1939)
PC Hardwell (1939-1941)
PC Lambell (1941-1949)
PC Brooks (1949-53)
PC Gooding
PC Holland (1956-58)
PC Chudleigh
PC Isles

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