Village lighting

At the turn of the century the village was lit by oil lamps. Mr. A. Ward (and later Mr. J. Ham) were the lamplighters, and they used to carry a ladder with them in order to reach the lamps.

A special meeting of the Parish Council was held on 12 October 1911, when it was agreed to try a voluntary scheme to raise money for lighting the oil lamps.

Public Lighting at Bradworthy - Board and Council Agree On Scheme
The South Western Electricity Board submitted terms for an agreement to the Parish Council which would entail Council ownership of existing fittings, with general maintenance charged on a time and materials basis.

The Council applied for an alternative scheme, excluding purchase and ownership of fittings, with maintenance to continue as before. This was accepted by the Board only on a yearly basis. (October 1954)

On 25 March 1927 Mr. H.J. Wickett was granted permission to fix posts in the Square for lighting it by electricity, which he produced in his garage. He continued to light the village until 1938, when the West Down Electric Co. took it over.

The installation of lighting in the village and surrounds was not completed by the West Down Electric Co. until after the 1939-45 War (during which period the village remained unlit). They were lit for the first time in October 1946.

(At the Parish Council meeting) the public lighting of the village was also dealt with, and it was unanimously agreed to accept the terms of the lighting company which has recently taken over the district, and also to install lamps to the number of nine as before.

A proposition was also passed that members of the Council should make an appointment with an official of the company, for the purpose of selecting the best and most advantageous positions for the lamps. (June 1939)

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