Travelling library

In 1962 the 'travelling library', or 'mobile library service', introduced a free borrowing service to the village.

A new library van, the second to be bought by Devon County Council, was based in Holsworthy and visited on Thursday mornings once a fortnight.

The van was staffed by two people, a librarian and a driver. Raymond Kerslake was appointed driver. Roy Hutton branch librarian of Holsworthy, with Grace Acland as his relief, looked after the books.

As news of the service spread, requests were received from around the parish for stops at outlying farms and cottages.

With the service well established came a change of faces Jean Sinclair, assisted by Joan Brock, replacing Roy Hutton. Joan can remember calling at Ruby Pomeroy's at Dinworthy, then making their way along the lanes to East Youlstone, back to Mrs. Petherick's at Jenn's Cross, and then down into Kimworthy.

Another favourite 'round' was around Tamar Lake calling at Mrs. Harris' cottage - where a welcome cup of tea was provided for library staff and readers alike before moving on to Thurdon Cross and Alfardisworthy.

In the late 1960's 'our George' (George Charlton) took over the driving responsibilities.

Budget cutbacks in the 1980's saw the introduction of single manning, and with George's retirement in 1989, Jennifer Sillifant became the mobile library assistant, doing both the driving and the library work. The service has expanded to offer spoken word and music cassettes, videos and CDs for hire and large print books.

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