Gymkhanas and racing

Point-to-point races were held at Newlands for a few years in the late 1950's (the first was in 1955).


Horse races were held at Berridon Park for several years between the First and Second World Wars.

gymkhana in 1978

Sally and Amy Schiller at the gymkhana in 1978.

These were flat races and proved to be very popular, drawing in competitors from a wide area.

An annual Gymkhana was held in 1946 at Berridon Park, in 1947 at East Park, Whiteley, and then at Moorlands until 1953.

Motorcycle races were introduced for the first time at Bradworthy gymkhana held at East Park, Whiteley, and proved a great attraction. (August 1947)

In 1978 a Novice Gymkhana was held at Lower Worden Farm which was organised by Mrs. Camilleri and Mrs. C. Loader. This has become an annual event taking place on land near the Broad Hill.

For a number of years it has been organised, in conjunction with a Dog Show, by Sally Schiller.

A gymkhana, held at West Down, on Bank Holiday, in connection with a Red Cross fête, was opened by Mrs. G. Corlett, who was presented with a bouquet by little Margaret Lambell.

An excellent display of drill and folk dancing was given by the scholars of Bradworthy Council School, trained by Mr. and Mrs. Worthy. Tea was convened by Mesdames E.J. Wade and C.H. Cory. Pourers were Mesdames C. Jenkins, W. Seldon, A. Blatchford and Jennings.

Cutters-up were Mesdames S. Harris, P. Bond, L. Slee, Netherway. The model railway was open for the first time to the public since the war by Capt. Lockyer, assisted by Mr. R. Headon and Lt.Col. Spread. (August 1945)

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